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Your Pet Deserves 

The Best.

Invest in their Health with Therapeutic  Massage.

Discover the wide range of life-changing benefits this incredible complementary modality can offer your pet.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
Mahatma Ghandi

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Seriously, my experience with this service has seen my little anxious fur baby change from a nervous pup, (that did not wish to be touched, but with gentle persuasion over a few visits), become so comfortable with a nearly one hour massage. She now totally relaxes and enjoys the attention and looks forward to her sessions. I love the way she reacts to someone who understands and has an affinity with my precious baby. Thank you Marisa for bringing out the best in Lilea and being so knowledgeable. I have learnt so much.


Diesel just loves her massage every week. Since starting having weekly massages, her respiration has gone from strained back to normal, her bladder leakage is next to non existent, and she has regained her puppy-like joy and excitement. I'm able to take her for walks without her being in pain for a few days after. Before starting with Fur Therapy, she was having convulsive movements in her back legs which have slowly eased and are now pretty much not there. Her back pain is much less. The benefits have been so huge, that I won't stop giving these massages to an older dog, I know it's going to extend and improve the quality of her life! Thanks so much Marisa for loving my furbaby.



What a difference! You wouldn't know that Branson (9) had severe hip dysplasia by the way that he is moving. For the first time since I can recall Branson is jumping into the car with ease. Thank you so very much for giving him a new lease in life.


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Maya has arthritis and hip dysplasia and possible ligament damage in one knee. Having regular massage has helped her to remain mobile. Maya loves Marisa. Thanks for your help.


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